Slowing down on adding to the tree?

NOT A CHANCE! check this out. Even a couple days of facebook chats adds the following individuals to the clan.

J.Me Escaler
Carlos Munoz
Patrick Lichauco
Magoo Hinio
Cherry Cuadras
Aaron Lichauco
Kalel Lichauco
Camille Cabrera
Releth Lichauco
Alvin Adapon
Angelique Adapon
Olivia Adapon
Robert Azzolino
Kaitlyn Azzolino
Joseph Azzolino
Isabella Azzolino
Lauren Azzolino
Andrew Luchico
Leanna Luchico
Dominic Luchico

This is a lot of fun actually. We’ve reached 1,342 people on the family tree and these are just people with lichauco blood or parents of people with lichauco blood. nothing else. Lemme keep plugging along. the todo-list grows this weekend. One of the target goals is to make editing info as easy as does.

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