Updates Finally

Hi all!

After leaving this site to languish for almost 2 years, it just won’t die. So I guess I better update it.

I’ve done all the updates suggested in the corrections. I’ve upgraded the software so you can browse up and down the giving node: for instance if you go to my page: http://lichaucoclan.com/gentree.php?rootId=1153 – you can browse up my wife’s family tree. Hehehe – no favoritism here, but it was a matter of my well-being that I put some of her tree up.

A big consequence of this feature is that the tree really isn’t about Lichaucos anymore. It’s about mapping the landscape of familial relations in Filipino clans.

As I’m wont to quote: Traditional genealogy answers the question: where did I come from? am I related to the pilgrims in the Mayflower.

In contrast, Filipino genealogy answers different questions: I’m going to have a party, who can I invite? or worse, I’m in love with this girl I met, is she my cousin?

I’ll be working to put up more data in the coming days. This endeavor really has a life of its own. Stay tuned.

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