Work in progress

Clearly this is a work in progress. One of the biggest reasons for urgency now is that google is starting to index the site. Hence names searches are starting to appear but the trouble is they’re getting index with the wrong rootId. This is due to the fact that the rootId keeps changing as I add new members into the tree.

As of this writing, the tree numbers 1,301 unique persons. It is conceivable that the tree might end up over 1,400 unique individuals. Many many of these people are on facebook – and soon, an index will be available to see the relatives who are also in facebook.

The site exists to promote well-being. Lichaucos have much to offer, not just to each other but to the world. It is my hope that this site will be used to encourage collaboration toward a greater good. We will marshall our disparate energies. Together, we have much of the original genes of Lola Grande. What she was able to do, we should be able to do with ease. This site seeks to bring those genes together.

It is difficult to create a politically correct family site. And I’ll do my best to accommodate you so that you might view our clan in the way you want to view it. That’s the goal. Before we get there, I implore you to put your egos aside. Family is family. No amount of politics can change biological fact. We have much to be proud of if we focus on the positive. With that, I bid you welcome to the new and improved Lichauco Family Tree Pages.

- Ramon

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