Planned Improvements (Ramon’s TODO list)

Bleah. do I really need to do this?

  • API – required for tooltip anyway. also for editor.
  • IMPORTANT finish up the edit/add person/marraige page – we are NO LONGER using the FAMTREE.TXT for data input. that’s history. Requires API.
  • New art work and background for the family tree header (ask Dawn)
  • Partially done TOOLTIPS! – hijack the on hover event to show birthdays at least. then later photos. Requires API.
  • Fix up META TAGS for SEO
  • Add blogroll links to Lola Grande, Papelle, Celine, Coulson Construction, Peachy, Ava, Nadine, Maricel, Lucelle
  • New Theme in Blog. – also recruit for more editors.
  • clean up display lines – those dangling lines. need to override css.
  • User based suppression vectors for person and marriages. Requires SESSIONS.
  • JS gateway for links – that will allow me to appened junk (like options)
  • single line status updates on the family tree page for messaging
  • shoutout functionality in the blog
  • handles on the boxes. requires brand new CSS – we can’t use slickmap.css anymore
  • GEDCOM export. NOTE: import will be quite hard – we have to handle that much later down the road. thus, updates cannot be done via GEDCOM at the moment.
  • GEDCOM merge. yeah this is really GEDCOM import – but I’m anticipating that different family members have partial GEDCOM files all over the place. At least I know that Celine Young does – so I can use that branch to other clans as well.
  • FB Status scraper
  • clean up IE display. How many people are using this? show anaytics. 30% are using IE.
  • Bootstrap Lichauco Marketplace. Requires FB connect
  • Stories pages on the blog. just content. easy ’nuff.
  • Link to buy/order Beneath the Banyan Tree
  • Events / Calendar / Announcements app.
  • daily backup of the DB.
  • design to accomodate trans-clan dbs.


this is here just so I feel I’m actually getting things done.

  • Global marriage and spouse suppression. The spouse suppression model will break once we start doing other clans.
  • Handling of Level 1 multiple marriages
  • DONE Finish up the corrections request viewer so I don’t have to fire-up mysql each time.
  • DONE SESSIONS! it’s about time. then fbconnect. do this by friday
  • DONE Option to show formal or nick names. and force uppercase if needed. Requires SESSIONS.
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